BRSC Seasonal Contract Agreement


  1. Seasonal contract time is for the entire season, September 1, 2020 thru June 14, 2021, but does not include December 21, 2020 thru January 3, 2021 and Easter (4/4/21) as the club will be closed. On Labor Day (9/7/20), Thanksgiving Day (11/26/2021) and Memorial Day (5/31/21) the club will be open from 7AM until 2PM. Contract holders have the option of playing between 7AM and 2PM, if space is available
  2. As the seasonal contract holder, I understand that any guests (non-members of BRSC) that play during my contract time will have to pay the tennis guest fee of $15. As the contract holder I am responsible for any guests and I will be charged if any guest fails to pay.
  3. After A Plus scheduled programming, court time priority will be given to existing contracts that book for the entire season (fall/winter/spring or summer). Weekday evening times will be 7-8:30PM and 8:30-10PM. There will be no seasonal contracts weekdays between 4-7PM.
  4. Contracts are not automatically renewed. Contracts for the Fall/Winter/Spring season must be received by Aug. 1, 2020. If contracts are not received by that time, the time will become “open.” A Plus will process applications for open times in the order in which they are received. Contracts for the Summer of 2021 must be received by May 10, 2021.
  5. By submitting this application, I, the seasonal contract holder, authorize A Plus Tennis to bill the card on file for the member(s) listed on this contract according to the payment option checked above (in the seasonal contract details).
  6. I, the seasonal contract holder, am confirming that I am a BRSC member in good standing and I have an A Plus Tennis account. If I do not have an A Plus account through Club Automation, I will create one prior to submitting this contract. (Please email for questions on how to set up and complete your profile).
  7. A Plus Tennis reserves the right to cancel reservations for any member whose account is in arrears or who abuses their court privileges.
  8. No refunds will be given without paid replacement arranged by the member or A Plus. You may notify A Plus to sell your court time for a specific date if you are unable to use it. If the court is sold, your account will be credited at the seasonal rate. Once billed, any changes to the playing schedule resulting in a player's $ share to change must be handled directly within the group.
  9. Playing over and starting early are permitted only with a reservation and payment of additional court time. Any unpaid time will be billed to the member applicant. A Plus reserves the right to shift court assignments (within the same time frame) during the season (if necessary).
  10. In the event of club closure and players are unable to play during their scheduled court time, the missed date will be added onto the end of the contract.
  11. Although A Plus Tennis & BRSC are taking the appropriate precautions to combat COVID-19 or other viruses it is up to the individual players to help safeguard themselves and the people with which they play. It is imperative that players find a sub and do not play or come to the facility when they are not feeling well.

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