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Jakob Nielsen

Kinesiology, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology Expert, FMS Certified, NCAA Tennis Player

At a young age, I learned through my development as an athlete, that the role of fitness is one of the most critical aspects of an individual's performance.

Unlocking Potential

Using exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports medicine, every athlete will be assessed and taken through a Functional Movement Screening, performance testing, as well as skill specific testing. The testing occurs regularly dependent on the phase and rate of progression for the specific athlete.


The Chart above describes in the simplest form of our goal as an athlete. We have three major stages in training. First is movement, are we able to move efficiently without pattern dysfunction, mobility limitations nor muscular imbalances? For this we use a functional movement screening, looking at all functional movement patterns of our species as humans and developing the appropriate strategies towards corrective exercise before advancing to performance training.

Once the athlete is functionally sound, and has destroyed limitations in movement, we test for performance. This testing involves speed, agility, power and anaerobic capacity. With this testing, we can distinguish strengths and weaknesses and from these results develop the most output of speed, agility,power, and all-round performance strength and conditioning.

After the performance training stage, the athlete will then be tested on skill specific application. This test includes on court speed, power output of strokes and overall.

What is Included?

Specific to the athlete, this training program encompasses all aspects of fitness including warm up, recovery, and corrective techniques to allow the athlete to fix imbalances and function as optimally as possible. Below you can find an example of the programs macrocycle (yearly), mesocycle (weekly), as well microcycle (daily).

Taking the First Step

Every athlete will be taken through the Fitness Testing, you may email, Call or text message to book the first Personalized Athlete Training Session. The first Personalized Athlete Training Session is a 45-min assessment followed by an interpretation. I look forward to working with every athlete committed to unlocking their potential.

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A Plus Fitness Coach


Hello all! I hope everyone is excited and ready to start Fall programs. At a young age, I learned through my development as an athlete that the role of fitness is one of the most critical aspects of anindividual's performance.

Biomechanics, movement efficiency, muscular and cardiovascular excellence, are among the key variables that unlock new potential and eliminate barriers in sport performance. At the college NCAA level, fitness is what separates the average from the elite. Professional Performance Training's purpose is to break barriers and unlock an enormous edge in performance.

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