A Plus Tennis Instruction

A Plus Tennis offers a range of class levels to ensure students are learning at the right pace for their game. Classes are available for students of all ages and levels. Our program is focused on three specific areas:

01 Skills Acquisition
02 Practice / Development
03 Competitive Application

Players graduate to higher level classes based on their

progress, ability and commitment.

Class Descriptions

Early Development

For students of all ages learning how to play tennis

Will work on basic stroke development and tennis related athletic skills. Students will learn our MAP system, Moving/Adjusting/Positioning in order to play at a higher level.

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Competitive Development

“Competition” is the emphasis at this level

This level stresses offensive and defensive situational drills during points/match play. Will work on technical, mental and strategic development.

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Tournament Program

Instructors will conduct a variety of drills to enhance players' individual style

Participation in the fitness program is recommended at this level as well.

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Invitational Program

Enrollment in the Invitational program must be approved by the Directors of Tennis

The Invitational program focuses on matchplay, high intensity drilling, strategy, and tennis specific fitness training with an emphasis on injury prevention

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We believe that adaptability is key to success.

We understand that your goals may evolve, and external factors may change. That's why we are committed to adjusting our approaches and solutions to suit your evolving needs. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the most effective and personalized support as you work towards your fitness and sports goals.

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A Plus

Our passionate and experienced tennis coaches help players of all levels improve their skills and reach their full potential.

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